four axis waterjet cutting machine 6 meters by 4 meters



Add one rotation axis C based on normal 3 axis cutting head, with the system, tilt cutting head along a graph normal direction, ensure notch and work piece are in the vertical direction, realize plus or minus groove.

 function features:

1, the groove angle can be adjusted within ± 5 °;
2, to solve the problem of trimming slope;
3, tile mosaic a molding;
4, seamless splicing cut, without grinding;
5, automatic angle control.




The cutting process of any material can be made to any material at any time (except for water cutting, other cutting methods will be limited by the variety of material); no heat and harmful substances are produced when cutting, and the material has no heat effect (cold state cutting). After cutting, it does not need or is easy to add two times, safety, environmental protection, low cost, and speed. Quick and efficient, it can realize the cutting of arbitrary curves, convenient and flexible, and has wide use. Water cutting is the most powerful cutting technology at present.