Load and unload work piece from three directions. It solve the problem in overpass machine which can only load and unload the material from two side and limit the dimension of the material. It can put larger work piece in bed of cantilever machine which can larger than the bed of the machine. During the process of running , it will not have the problem which two boll screw is out-of-step , and it will not owning to the unbalanced pressure on synchro strop which will cause breakage of machine so that it can’t insure the precision of cutting.



Adopt high grade servo drive system,ball screw and guideway is also adopt international brand. X axis adopt the boll screw which diameter is 50mm, ensure the whole machine can transmission steady.
Select high grade dustproof equipment.The life of dustproof equipment we select is more the three times than ordinary ones.
Adopt the design that bed of the machine is separate with the cutting flat.
It will not effect by shack when cutting, increase the precision of cutting.