Stone Waterjet Cutting Machine SQ3020



    At present, the thickness of the work piece that can be cut by the water jet can reach 200mm, and the cross section of the work piece is relatively flat after the thickness is 100mm. In fact, the generation of the cut section twill is also related to the fluctuation of the water pressure of the water jet. As long as the pressure is increased and the cutting speed is reduced, the occurrence of the twill section can be effectively improved.Adopt the design that bed of the machine is separate with the cutting flat.
It will not effect by shack when cutting, increase the precision of cutting.


At present, our machine has applied in aviation field, weapon field and so on such sophisticate military affairs field. At the same time, it also widely used in glass, machinery, stone-tech, AD, Auto such civil field, our machine also exported to America, Russia, Oceania, Africa, Mid-east, India and so on.