CNC Waterjet Machine, CNC Cutting Machine



We are specializing in produce waterjet machine. We have cantilever type and gantry type. For cantilever type, 

we have these modles: SQ1313,SQ2515, SQ3020, SQ4020, SQ6020. For gantry type,

 we have these modles: SQ2515, SQ3018, SQ4030, SQ6030.

Our waterjet machine have the following characteristics:

1, Electrical signal control intensifier seversing

2, Logic program to control manipulation and monitor

3, Full automatic numerical control system

4, Full automatic abrasive delivery

5, WYE-DELTA soft startup

6, UHP manostat and filter

7, Safety shutdown system

8, Automatic temperature control hydraulic pressure system

9, Axial plunger variable pump of pressure compensation

10, External electron hand wheel


We provide our customer with fully technology support. If you have any ineresting, plz feel free to contact us.


At present, our machine has applied in aviation field, weapon field and so on such sophisticate military affairs field. At the same time, it also widely used in glass, machinery, stone-tech, AD, Auto such civil field, our machine also exported to America, Russia, Oceania, Africa, Mid-east, India and so on.