Waterjet Cutting Machine For Metal



The cost of production is calculated per inch instead of hourly. The cost of running an abrasive waterjet per hour is not very important. The most important thing is how many parts you can produce in a given period of time. Some users mistakenly believe that operating costs can be minimized by reducing the jet rate. Although abrasives account for the operating costs of the Sands Waterjet 2/3, you must quickly produce parts to offset the consumption of recurring expenses (labour, facilities, rental costs). Open all horsepower and use the highest sand injection rate to maximize the cutting speed.


At present, our machine has applied in aviation field, weapon field and so on such sophisticate military affairs field. At the same time, it also widely used in glass, machinery, stone-tech, AD, Auto such civil field, our machine also exported to America, Russia, Oceania, Africa, Mid-east, India and so on.