China suppliers marble ceramic tile mini waterjet cutting machine



The advantages of water jet cutting machine:

1. transfer the drawings to cutting quickly

2. quick position, usually only need some or even few fixing equipments

3. high accuracy, reduce the recutting

4. quicker cutting speed

5. no need of fabrication for the working parts

6. safer for the operator and environment, no steam, dust or smog, etc

7. cool cutting, no heat is better for material processing

8. clear processing, no need to clear the working parts again

9.good cutting finishes, no need to trim the cutting finishes again

10.narrow gap cutting

11.quick calibration and eady versatility way of cutting. it has been proved that it can be used in mass production in the ideal system for CAD OR CAM software

13. wide used material, even 200mm thick foilat


At present, our machine has applied in aviation field, weapon field and so on such sophisticate military affairs field. At the same time, it also widely used in glass, machinery, stone-tech, AD, Auto such civil field, our machine also exported to America, Russia, Oceania, Africa, Mid-east, India and so on.