Sunrise waterjet cutting machine



Periodically inspect and replace consumable parts of the conveyor system, such as pipes and fittings, to ensure that no parts of the sand supply system below the bottom of the mini-hopper are exposed to air. To perform this check, disconnect the sand transfer line from the joint at the bottom of the micro funnel, manually open the jet and place the thumb on one end of the sand transfer line. You will feel a sufficient (but not excessive) vacuum present, which may allow The tip of the thumb produces a depression. Inadequate vacuum may indicate that the entrance to the cutting head is blocked or there is a crack in the sand transfer line and must be resolved to fully utilize the efficiency of the system.

Checking the system and keeping it in the best operating condition will make waterjet cutting operations more efficient and extend the life of its components.
4 machine vertical and cross beams


At present, our machine has applied in aviation field, weapon field and so on such sophisticate military affairs field. At the same time, it also widely used in glass, machinery, stone-tech, AD, Auto such civil field, our machine also exported to America, Russia, Oceania, Africa, Mid-east, India and so on.