Sunrise Waterjet Machine has an Abrasive Delivery System that can deliver abrasive From the abrasive cask to the cutting head.
Abrasive Delivery System store and convey the abrasive over long distances to produce abrasive jet capable of cutting through virtually any material.
The large storage capacity supports hours of uninterrupted abrasive waterjet cutting.
flow rate of abrasive can be easily changed to achieve the desired flow rate of abrasive to the cutting head.



Adopt high grade servo drive system,ball screw and guideway is also adopt international brand. X axis adopt the boll screw which diameter is 50mm, ensure the whole machine can transmission steady.
Select high grade dustproof equipment.The life of dustproof equipment we select is more the three times than ordinary ones.
Adopt the design that bed of the machine is separate with the cutting flat.
It will not effect by shack when cutting, increase the precision of cutting.