Our full function CNC HP waterjet machine developed indepently based on American technology,It contains the following parts:


 1.Electrical signal control intensifier reversing

2.Programmable logic controller and PLC

3.Full-automatic NC system cutting

4.WYE-DELTA soft start

5.UHP manostat and filter

6.Safety shutdown and protective device

7.Automatic temperature control Cueing System

8.Accurate localization device at short range

9.Fault alarm


1.Automatic sand feeding system provides a convenient,safe and effective cutting environment.

2.High sensitivity sensor and signal lamp can instruct operator when to feed abrasive to the tank

3.The capacity can continually supply abrasive for 500to800minutes cutting

4.With new abrasive cup,it can adjust abrasive flow conveniently

5.Simple operation,reliable operation,maintenance free


Ultra high pressure generator is the core set of ultra high pressure water jet cutting machine,It can pressuriza the filtered water to 300Mpa-400Mpa(45000Psi-60000psi).

Sunrise waterjet ultra high voltage generator using a full America design scheme,and designed according to the intemational safety standard.


The key to the formation of ultra high pressure water is the high pressure pump. The low pressure oil from the oil pump drives the large piston of the supercharger to make it reciprocate. The motion direction of the large piston is automatically controlled by the reversing valve. On the other hand, the water supply system is first purified, then the low pressure water is pumped out by the pump, and then enters the low pressure water of the supercharger, which is pressurized by a small piston, and the pressure rises. Because the high pressure water is generated by the reciprocating compression of the supercharger, and the piston of the supercharger needs to change direction, the water jet pressure from the nozzle is pulsating. (water cutting), in order to obtain stable high-pressure water jet, we need to generate high-pressure water into an accumulator, and then flow to the nozzle, so as to achieve the purpose of stabilizing pressure.

Water is composed of ordinary water through a high pressure pressurizer water pressurized to 4000 bar (60000psi), and then through a tiny nozzle (the diameter is 0.1mm to about 0.4mm), to produce a nearly 1000 per second (about three times the speed of sound) water arrow. This water arrow is like a cutting sword, cutting the workpiece that needs to be machined. Including the composition of water processing equipment: ultra high pressure pump, water jet cutting head device, water jet X-Y movable plane cutting machine, CNC controller and CAD/CAM software package. One of the key equipment is: ultra high pressure pump the water pressure is increased to cutting a variety of materials, the more the more pressure can penetrate a variety of different materials; water jet cutting head device comprises a small diameter nozzle, usually used is red or sapphire, the gem inlaid in the metal material in the nozzle, the nozzle is installed in can on the micro adjustment on the shelf, so that high pressure water arrows can accurately through to the processing of range, without damage to the workpiece elsewhere. This is also an important factor to ensure the accuracy of water jet cutting.

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